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Our mission is to help leaders in public policy, communities and the private sector by providing an independent space where open dialogue on a future decentralisation policy can be held.

Balance Victoria is an online hub established to provide a space for research, discussion papers, thought and opinion pieces that bring together the different viewpoints on a decentralisation program for Victoria.

The chief objective of Balance Victoria is to be an independent promoter of debate on the mission, merits and methods of a decentralisation program.

The goal of the debate is to show ways in which more of the opportunity in our state can be shared by more Victorians.

Our view is that without such a discussion providing a ‘burning platform’ for action, population settlement into the regions beyond Melbourne will remain too minor to relieve Melbourne of its growing pains, disjointed from Melbourne-centric planning and without integrated land use and infrastructure planning frameworks.

The audience for the site is the private sector, local and state government officers and policy makers, academics, students and interested citizens.

It is thought that the site will provide a critical resource for anyone exploring the key issues informing the merits of a decentralisation agenda including, transport, city origination and place making, infrastructure, health, sustainability and productivity and economics.

The Balance Victoria Online Initiative is proudly sponsored by Newhaven Group and supported by RMIT University.

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