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Submissions of work that are relevant to the debate on decentralisation for Victoria are welcome from academia, the business community, local and state government agencies, community groups and qualified members of the public.  We support pieces and research that are for and against a future decentralisation program.  We also welcome work that has been previously published elsewhere and may be appropriate for inclusion on our site.

To submit a piece for consideration please email us and include the following information:

  • Your Name

  • Your Organisation

  • Your Qualifications

  • Your contact number

  • Type of work (discussion paper, research, opinion piece, briefing, etc)

  • Topic of piece

  • A short abstract of piece

  • If the piece has been peer reviewed / previously published

  • If the piece includes any new research or findings

  • If you own the rights to the content

  • Why you think the piece should be published on the Balance Victoria site

Please note that due to high levels of submissions, we will only contact you if we decide to consider your piece for publishing on the site.

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