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Design of New Cities to Balance Victoria – Geelong

Design of New Cities to Balance Victoria – Geelong

Melbourne Design Week Symposium Friday 22 March 1.30pm-3.30pm
RMIT Kaleide Theatre
360 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Exploring design of new cities to Balance Victoria. A symposium hosted by RMIT Urban Futures ECP that will propose new models for sustainable transport orientated urbanism in regional Victoria that promotes healthy lifestyles and a redistribution of population away from Melbourne. The new urban centres will be designed as walkable, cycle friendly places that privilege public transport over the private car, they will generate their own energy, manage their own waste, and collect their own water and be connected through a high-speed rail network.

Using the proposed fast rail to Geelong as a model, the symposium will explore the urban design impacts of high-speed rail alongside the associated growth in jobs and housing that will come with increased transport connectivity and allow a focus on health and sustainability


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